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Not much to show for a lot of work but I'm happy for the progress!   The salt and vinegar worked great to remove the ages of tarnish on the spotlight.  Today I started sanding with 600 grit paper and up and was very surprised when Gray & Davis showed up.  I was hoping that I could figure out the mfg. and I guess it was just tarnished over.

The process of lightly sanding with grit up to 2000 takes time but it is really paying off.  The brackets are done and look good.  The light bucket has a lot of dents and scratches.  I have worked out many of the dents but some of the deeper scratches will have to remain.  I suppose that you would have to plate the bucket with brass and then sand that down to get the deep scratches out.  I'm sure that it will look great mounted to the firewall that arrived today from the cabinet maker.  I hope to get it primed and installed soon.  The car is really coming together!

Spotlight name.jpg


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Benefits of AACA Membership.

Worked most of the day and have little to show for it.  Some parts of the puzzle just go together slower than others.


I did get the spotlight back together.  I'm working with a lens company to find a new lens so hopefully that will work out.  I transferred most of the brackets from the old firewall to the new and was going to cut the hole for the steering column but my jig saw broke.  Got to get a new one tomorrow. 


I think I have the problem solved for the one headlight rim that won't shut.  I spent a lot of time removing the inside of the rim and now it shuts ok.  I will have to work on the rim liner as that is what holds the lens in and reinstall it once I make it smaller.


I pushed the chassis outside today but forgot to take a picture.  Hopefully tomorrow I will start on the radiator shell.  It will take some time to get all the tarnish off and buffed out but it will look great once completed.  I'm kind of excited to see the shell in all its beauty after so many years of tarnish.

Finished Spot 2.jpg

Finished Spot.jpg

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I didn't get to work on the car yesterday but spent a few hours cleaning brass today. I started with the vinegar and salt treatment with a lot of elbow grease and that helped but it was really slow.   I bought a palm sander to use on the radiator shell and it really made life easier.  I didn't us too aggressive of a grit paper but the tarnish is slowly coming off.  I can't work tomorrow but had to see how the shell will look so I trial fitted it to the radiator.  I think it looks great but will look even better after several more hours or days of sanding and buffing.


I was able to cut the hole in the firewall for the steering column and got the firewall trial fitted.  Being that the body is in NC and I will be moving there next year I only plan to epoxy prime the firewall and will finish paint it later when the entire body is painted.  It is really looking good, hopefully I can roll it outside on Saturday and take some better pictures.


Thought I would throw in the before picture from the early 1960's of my grandfather driving the car.  Radiator was tarnished in that picture so it has been a long time since it was buffed out!


Radiator first buff.jpg

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