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1916 0r 1919 Milburn electric

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We JUST sold Leonard Jarvis of Ocala,Fla. 1917 Milburn to Jerry Kramer of Richmond Indiana.The car is beautifully restored. It will be in Richmond,Indiana this week! Feel free to reach out to Jerry if you need measurements or photos of parts,etc. No extra parts went with the car. Jerrys email is below. good luck,George Albright,Ocala,Fla.  gnalbright@gmail.com

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If you look closely at the early electric Ford Model T head lights they I believe are the same manufacturer, as Ford did not produce their lamps early on (1916-21) and purchased them, marked with the Ford script on the top, however that can be easily filled in.  All parts are available for them thru any of the Model t suppliers, I use bobs Model T in Rockford Ill.  New Rims in chrome as were on the electrics, bulbs, inside reflectors, sockets, etc. He even has some used light buckets you can buy. I did this on my AACA first place 1912 Detroit Electric. Good Luck with your car!

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