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1923 Buick Roadster


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Hello everyone. I am new to the forum and would like some help locating a couple parts for the 1923 Buick 6 cylinder Roadster which I just received from my dad. He drove the car in high school so it has been in the family for nearly 80 years. I need a headlight rim which measures 8" on the inside and 10" on the outside. It is approximately 1" tall. If anyone has one or knows where I might look, please let me know. I have pictures if you need to see what it looks like. Also, I am looking for the vacuum gas canister which mounts on the side of the engine which feeds gas to the carb. Any help would be much appreciated.

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At the first,"schultz"don`t use that way to tell the measuring(worthless),just becuse it`s impossible to see the very right  dimention .It dosen`t matter what s measuring`.the same problems every time.Just write the dimention in figures every time..

By the way,1923 4 cyl.models head lights looks the same but are a little bit smaller diameter ,probebly 3/4"-1" smaller.

The vacuum canister are the same on all 1923 4 and 6 cyl.models as well as 1924 4 cyl.models,

1924 6 cyl models canister looks the same but has another parts number (208A)

Leif in Sweden


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