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1936 Dictator Coupe 3A exhaust manifold

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If you are doing a concourse restoration you probably want to get it ceramic coated.   If like me you just want it to look nice and be a driver you can use any high-temperature paint.  I used Eastwood's manifold paint.  It was easy to apply and looks nice.  After 4-5 years the manifold started to rust through the coating in spots but I just touch up with a q-tip.


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I use Hot Stuff Manifold Dressing from Speedway motors.  It's a brush on paste made of stainless and ceramic, only $12.99 and it holds up at temps to 2500 degrees.  Should be heated at 250 degrees in oven after applying for about 30 minutes or run engine for an equal amount of time is already intsalled.

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