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1920's Valve Cage Project (and Tune-up)


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A follow-up to this post. 


I did a compression test this past Fall on the engine cold.  All six cylinders, all spark plugs removed, about 2 seconds of cranking on each cylinder.  

All six cylinders were 70 to 71 PSI.  Not bad for stock cast iron piston and rings with more miles on them then I will ever know. 

At least I can feel good that the valve work completed has held up well for 6 years and -8000+ miles. 

I had a couple cylinders near zero and none higher than 40 psi before the work. 

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I would say that that is a pretty good testament to the original engineering that Mr. Marr put into the Buick automobile and that the person and/or persons who did the valve train rebuilding might have known a little bit about what they were doing.  Good on you!!


Terry Wiegand

South Hutchinson, Kansas

AACA Life Member #947918

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