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Cole of Indianapolis parts wanted

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Desperately needed information or parts for split (3-glass) 1919 Cole Limousine, windshield,  car nearing completion, also need underbelly pan Misc. bits, This car was out of Northern Indianapolis, some one scavenged the parts while stored, information on the persons who did so appreciated, Also need local upholsterer who does touring car tops and tufted seats for 1917  6 cylinder overland some original panels saved.. Wheel for 1915 INC high wheeler. Might know of some parts for you available, Moon, 2 excellent Ford Model T Carbide headlights, glass, scripted, v- burners.  steel with brass ring front $1350 USABLE AS IS! .Also looking for a 1920 Auburn touring last known of near Newman, Illinois, Port Huron steam power unit. Anything Cole appreciated.

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