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1932 230 engine automatic transmission adapter


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I am currently working on a project with a 1932 Buick 230 engine.. and was wondering if its possible or if anyone has adapted a modern automatic transmission to this engine?

I found adapters for the 1934-1936 Buick  233 engine made by Bendtsen’s Transmission Center Inc.  https://www.transmissionadapters.com/Buick_straight_eight_263_320.htm . 

It is unclear as to if this adapter will work for a '32 230 engine.....    


If no one has accomplished this adaption yet... has anyone tried putting a transmission from '34, '35, '36 etc onto a 1932 230 engine...  


Thanks for your input.



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I think this is the same person as msk and JFK200, all asking about 1930's Buick straight 8's & transmissions.

Several threads on this topic

1932 & 1933 Buick had 230.4 cu straight 8






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I am not MSK or JFK200.....   The engine is definately a 1932 230.4.    I am trying to adapt a modern trans to this engine so i can put a modern rear end in and get a better hiighway gear ratio to cruise at lower rpms.     The photo I posted above is from Bendtsens Web page it shows the current adapter they make  for 34-36 buick engines...


I guess another solution would be if someone has created an adapter to the current 3 speed transmission to eliminate the torque tube and go with an open driveline...


any ideas?





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1 hour ago, DonMicheletti said:

That isnt a terribly powerful engine. Go too low on rear end ratio and it wont pull the hat off your head.


Agreed.  Also, some might not know that an automatic trans will cost horsepower to operate it, compared to standard shift.


and, the GM TH350 has less HP loss than a TH400 transmission.


Any of the older non-lockup transmissions, have torque convertor slip, so cars with A/T had a lower numerical axle ratio to end up with the same cruising RPM as a standard trans in the same car.  The modern A/T with lockup convertors have no slip, in lockup mode.



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