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New igintion parts for '46-48 Lincolns from Knobsoup

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Keith here.  Attached are photos of two new items I make. Both are for the 1946-48 Lincoln and Lincoln Continental ignition switches. The long cylindrical one was the hardest. There are four parts to the mold; the base, inside cylinder, outside cylinder and top. The top and bottom molds register the inside cylinder mold to keep it equal distance to the outside wall.  The short plastic one was fairly easy, however to get the liquid resin down inside the mold I use hypodermic needle-like device the forces the resin down deep. Getting it out after it cures takes needle- nose pliers.

Also, for the first time I will be going to the Lincoln Zephyr Swap Meet on Saturday April 1 in Lancaster, PA.  I have moved and now live close by. I’ll be bringing several new steering wheels and samples of my work.  I’ll also bring some molds so you can see how the casting process is done.  I look forward to finally meet several friends I’ve made over the years.  If you know your going, and need some interior items, let me know and I’ll be sure to pack them.

Thanks. Hope to see you there.

'46 plastic ignition sleeve3.jpg

'46 plastic ignition sleeve.jpg

'46 plastic ignition sleeve1.jpg

'46 plastic ignition sleeve2.jpg

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