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Plug Wires 1926 Chrysler Model 50


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In my opinion, it is YOUR job to make sure they are close to OEM. You can buy any number of plug wire sets purporting to be for the engine. The hard part will be the plug connectors: what were they originally?  Was the wire braided black, lacquered or not? I think you can't rely on anybody else for authenticity.


Have you tried the likes of Bernbaum and other Chrysler parts vendors?

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Bernbaums only has parts for 1930 and up - the same for 99.5 % of Chrysler parts sources and when you ask these suppliers as where you can go for 

the 20s chrysler parts they all tell you- they dont know.  You just have to keep asking and searching. You can get 20's era reproduction  plug wires in 

several different  fabric colors and or with tracer colors, Lacquered or not. I have a 25 G70 coach. Information and knowlegeable folks of specific details                            on these original 24-27 cars are very hard to come by. I have looked at every engine compartment picture I could find on the interweb - when it comes                           to plug wires Ive seen various colors and finishes and different types of connectors going to the plugs. We (me included) have to remember that in the matls ,           parts, manufacturing methods, and technology was rapidly developing in the period so things changed fast. There seems to be more Chrysler roadster

photos on the ole interweb of the very early models. One good thing as far as whats actually original correct if its being judged in a show (from what ive seen) 

because there are so few of these early Chryslers - the judges are most likely not going to penalize the car specifically for color or type of cloth on the plug                       wires as long as it was available back then.(They dont know either on the early Chryslers). At Hershey this past yr  there was only one 24-27 Chrysler on the judging field-  a 4 cyl, 2 door hardtop coupe. I came from Flordia to Hershey, for the biggest reason, was to see some 24-26 beginning years  Chrysler and that was it.  

I think that car was the sole representation for a 24-29 Chrysler of any model. Spinney is is correct - You are going to have to do the research to determine on            any and all parts if they are correct for your car model and year. Also if you ask five folks -you will get five answers alot of the time. You have to weed out  what info does not apply to your specific mdl and yr. There are parts on a 24,25,26 that are the same and there are parts that are not even between models on these earlier cars. There are alot of differences in parts on a 27 compared to a 25. There are some knowledgeable folks on here that can provide some good insight and 

assistance. As far as hard print info or old manuals- good luck.  This my first go at a pre war  Antique car so everything is an new experiance for me. Cricket. 






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