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history on this Minerva

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I'm trying to find out the History previous 1992 of this Minerva with was on Britisch roads since 1920.  Between 1919 and 1992 there is no history. In 1992 it was last year on the road.

Has an aluminum boddy and color was silver at the time of registration. (not painted yet) at the time the body is blue, first paint put.



minerva nieuwjaarskaart 2017.jpg

minerva NN thuis (1).JPG

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Nice car.   1992 was yesterday!  I'm no expert on British cars but isn't the license # given when the car is new and it sticks with it making research relatively easy?


Otherwise,  whoever owned that car over the years was certainly a member of a club or two.  The British equivalent of the AACA should be able to help.  I have found in the U.S that an interesting car (like this one) always has a history that is not impossible to uncover.  More generic cars are much harder.


Finally,  somewhere in England is the "Minivera" guy who knows everything about that marque in that country.  There is always at least one guy like that.  Maybe Minivera is a bit too obscure but 1992 is not very long ago so there are some experts/dealers etc. that know something.

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I have tried this road, and found onley some info about the last owner, ho was a dealer in Rolls Royce. But he rented space and his actual adress was not known. But yes i'm sure someone must have seen this car, and there should be some pictures of it. Therefore i try this way. Ho knows?   The car is running now again, but needs some more tinkering to make it roadworthy.  I had contact with Britisch clubs, and they respondet, but no more info than above they had.



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Salmon & Sons body?  There is a local car collector here who owns a 1922 Minerva that was sold new in New Zealand, but bodied in England. 


His has a very nicely appointed interior with a lined convertible top, concealing all the framework.  Also, the rather large rear quarter windows lower, and then pivot inwards to clear the rear wheelwells, making for a rather narrow rear seat, but at least they lower fully.



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