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Hmmm...does anyone recall a song called, "The little old Ford just a rambled right along" ? Someone from the old car club gave a 45 rpm record to my parents in the 60's some time. The theme was something about big fancy and expensive cars breaking down or whatever, while the a little old Model T Ford just kept rambling on. 


Hmmph. Now I have the title phrase of that song stuck in my head again, after about 45 years of absence! Sigh

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I have "The little ford rambled right along" Sung by VanBrunt on an Edison cylinder record.  Also have "Goldberg's Automobile Troubles" about a "drunken automobile"  a stewed baker that stranded him up in the hills and "Uncle Josh buys and Automobile"  Funny beyond belief.  People today might think some of these are corny but I remember my Uncle getting his first tractor in 1946 and pulling down ten rods of barb wire fence yelling Whoa and pulling back on the steering wheel.

Also interesting that the cylinder record players were originally phonographs and the flat players were gramophones and today most people have the names reversed.  I guess it's like "Alemite" and "Zerk" fittings.

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3 hours ago, TheMoneyPit said:

BTW, these and many other car songs are public domain and can be found on the internet and downloaded for free by doing a search by title 

Wow, now THERE was something I never thought to try and search for on the internet. Sure as can be, I quickly found the song on Youtube being played on an old phonograph. LOL. I haven't heard that tune in over 40 years! Great fun. 


Now...if I could just get it out of my head! :blink:

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And of course collecting auto sheet music has been a great passion of mine for many years.  I have several hundred pieces with songs about cars or having cars nicely illustrated on them. Many are Ford pieces of course.

A Ride in a Jitney for Mine.jpg

Everybody has a Lizzyzine.jpg

Flivver King.jpg

Henrys made a lady out of lizzie nice.JPG

Hurrah for Henry.jpg

Ill Ford down to florida but soon I'll Cadillac back.png

In My Little Ford sedan.JPG

In my little Ford Coupe.jpg

Its a Ramblin Fliver.JPG

Lets take a ride on the Jitney Bus .jpg

Poor Lizzie (What'll become of you now).jpg

Since Lizzie changed her name to Baby Lincoln.jpg

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I called myself a redneck in a post the other day. My Son, the musician, says this is the redneck's anthem. I can see Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Henry Lelend watching it.

I guess Sheri reminds me of my Wife shooting mice in the garage.


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