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Check out the back issues page on the Website -- https://www.lzoc.org/back-issues


You'll find the following: 

Bob Barr has completed developing a comprehensive index to all the issues of The Way of the Zephyr!  This is a monumental effort for which we extend our thanks.  It includes a list of all known Ford, Mercury and Lincoln-Zephyr Service Bulletins published between 1938 and 1948.  Pages are punched to go in a 3-ring binder so future additions/changes are easy.  When you order your back issues of the magazine (see ordering instructions below), be sure to order this valuable document. -- $20.00



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Thanks Bob, I will contact him and send the check. I got two heavy boxes from him today. I spent all afternoon punching holes and adding the issues in notebooks. Three issues per notebook, so far I have 5   notebooks completed.  By the looks of it, I may need 5 more!



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