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1970s Replacement Filler Panels


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A question for those of you who have had to replace plastic filler panels: I have never had to buy replacement filler panels for any of my cars before, but I am now faced with having to purchase an entire rear set of replacement filler panels from the tail lamp surrounds to the panels above the rear bumper on my 76 Cadillac Fleetwood.  I will need the little chrome bits too that trim the panels.  I am guessing different companies make these replacement panels and was wanting some feedback from those of you who have already been down this road as to a recommendation of the best ones to buy.  Thank you.

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There are a number of vendors who sell these filler panels, but all seem to be rigid ABS plastic as opposed to the soft molded plastic used by the factory.  I'm sure this has to do with manufacturing and tooling costs for these limited-production items.  The downside of the hard plastic fillers is that if you ever DO exercise your 5MPH bumper, you'll destroy that filler.  The flexible originals were intended to move out of the way.  This is not likely to be an issue on a collector vehicle.

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Those "bumper fillers" are made for numerous cars,

thank goodness, because even on the most perfectly

preserved low-mileage car, they tend to fade, get brittle,

crack, and fall away.  In general, replacements are made of 

ABS plastic (an excellent kind of plastic) or fiberglass.

I have heard people say that the ABS plastic kinds

are better;  all may need some sort of adjustment when

you actually put them on your car, as they don't fit 

quite as well as the originals.


There are numerous sources, though I don't know how

many actually produce them, and how many are re-sellers.

Original Parts Group (phone 1-800-243-8355) sells them

in ABS plastic for Cadillacs, and probably for your car.

They have a sizable catalog for 1954-1976 Cadillacs

that has lots of parts for cars like yours.


And DNC, if you find a source for the "little chrome bits" that

trim the rear fenders, please let me know.  I will be needing some

for my own 1974 Eldorado.

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