Who can rebuild my horn or who has one for sale?

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Does anyone know where I can get my 1929 Pontiac horn rebuilt? It somewhat attempts to work but not very good. I have ruled out a wiring problem.


Or does anyone have a good one for sale?



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It is simply a 6 volt armature with 2 carbon brushes.  What needs to be rebuilt. A drop of oil on the bearings and adjust the screw that alters the tone by the pressure against the button on the diaphragm.  Mine draws about to amps so the wiring needs to be good.  Wire goes from either switch on top of the starter or the hot side of the brake switch, to the horn and then through the steering column where it is grounded.  Really simple. Probably only needs cleaning and maybe brushes that you can make yourself.  They are just little squares of carbon held in with a spring under a cotter pin.

Here is a DIY that I found on a Google search http://www.instructables.com/id/Ahooga-Horn-Lubrication/step2/Greasing/

The correct horn for your car should be a Klaxon 16 like these.



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Thanks Reid. I knew you would come to my rescue! I do have the correct horn and all the wiring is good (complete new harness). I will tear it apart sometime soon and see what I can do with it. I finally have the engine up and running. Starts & runs fabulous! Sounds real strong. Just need to get the gas tank cleaned out and then it will be time to take a test drive down the driveway. Just running it off of a gallon fuel can on the floor right now.  As always, Thank You for everything!

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