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Hupp oil Gauge


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For  many of  you  out  there who  own  a  Hupp  Series  A 1928, 1929 and 1930-1932 S  and  there  may  be  other models that have  a gauge on the  drivers  side  of the  engine  block  , just  above the  oil  pan that  tells  you how  much  oil is  in  your  engine. If  the  small  shaft  that is  fastened to  a  cork  that  floats to  show you the oil level rusts off or  is  missing you  will  not  have  a clue  how much  oil is in the  engine.  My  friends  as he  calls  it " My  drive  around  car" was missing  the  shaft and piece that showed the  oil  level.  Well  me  being  afraid that  the  rod  I  put  in the  engine to  check  the  oil  would  not  work  well. Here in  pic , I will  try to  explain  how to  fix the oil  gauge.The  first  pic  shows no  rod  and  no  gauge. The  2nd  pic shows the  rod  and  cork  float.The  3rd. pic is  me  cutting the  cork in a  circle The 4th. pic is engine  pan  off the  car.  5th the  oil gauge in  place held  with  a clamp. 6th. pic engine pan painted  and  ready to  go  back on the  engine. 7th. pic Pan  back on the  engine.  I  have  reached  my  limit on  how  many  pic  i  can  post,  will post  pic of the  gauge  completely installed.

1932 Hupp 006.JPG

Hupp Oil Gage 001.JPG

Hupp  Oil  Gage 001.JPG

1932 Hupp 001.JPG

1932 Hupp 009.JPG

1932 Hupp 004.JPG

1932 Hupp 011.JPG

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