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28 Dodge Standard six


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Just pulled from a garage in Seattle after sitting for over thirty years.

Was represented as complete.

I am thinking that it is pretty much all there but disassembled.

The old guy across the alley said that it came from Kansas and had a recent motor over haul. Turn easily with the crank.

From what I can gather the car was trailered from Kansas and taken apart then ignored.

I have what I think is the title and some receipts from the State of Washington for title fees as well as death certificates and such. Also a bill of sale to me from the personal representative.


some of my observations


Rebuilt wheels with new tires. 5

Not sure about brakes, but I see some rods in the pile.

Rebuilt starter, never installed

The radiator looks like it may have had some work, a cleaning at least.

Only rust observed is at the lower corners of the cowl and has been patched a long time ago. (pics)

There are a couple of tears in the cowl, one on each side in the same place. I think you should be able to see the one on the drivers side.

Fender are very straight with no serious rust. Running boards not so nice but are present.

Rolls easily

I have found all of the door handles and window cranks.

Seats are all present but not usable as are all of the door panels.

Several boxes of parts, Headlights, tail lite, cowl lights, nuts and bolts, brackets, etc. (not shown)

Moto meter radiator cap

On and on.

Come and take a look.

It is located between Portland and Salem now.

I could deliver as long as its in the northwest for a fee and some help.

asking a reasonable $3100.

Please PM thru the forum.



















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The body is only setting on the chassis.

I have now squared it up and will put a couple of bolts to hold it.

I can take more pics as these were just a quick walk around.

Best to come and take a look.

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I spent a few minutes looking at this thing yesterday and it would appear that the oil pan was cleaned, it is shiny metal inside looking down the oil fill, and there is no trace of any sludge when I ran a small rod to the bottom of the dipstick hole.

Also appears that something may have gotten dropped on the distributor as one of the terminals is broken and there is no rotor.

That side steering wheel may have been restored along with the wheels as it was wrapped up in a towel at some point but partially uncovered a long time ago.

Someone should grab this thing up !!

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Thanks John,

Yep, it looks just the same only different..

I didn't open the box all the way but I think my headlights are different.

But I have all of the bumpers and the spare tire mount.

I also see that all of the hub caps are here.

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I have been piecing this car together so that it looks more like a car.

Will post a pic soon.

I have had some interest but still have it.

Might take it to the Portland race track swap meet.

I am off the end of the drag strip where the S curve is. Right in front of some bleachers. North side of the pavement.

Look me up if you wish.



Will be selling my Cushman as well.




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Cool beans Nash34.

We were wondering just how long that sticker has been on there.

We do know that the car came from Kansas in 68 or 69.

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