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Brass Era steering box

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Does anyone know which manufacturer produced this steering box ? I believe it is from a RHD cab over truck circa 1912 . Apart from the main housing it is the same as that used on my 1912 Staver Chicago.  The main housing is mirror image to what I need as I think it intended to mount ahead of the front axle and have the drag link moving  rearward , the opposite to how it would work on a automobile.  The two large mounting arms would also be absent on the automobile version.  The main gears and all the smaller parts are exactly the same as the automobile version.   I can probably use this one as a pattern and have one cast in the correct orientation but if someone has one sitting around I would be happy to purchase it. Anyone recognise either the steering gear manufacturer or able to suggest which cars or trucks used them ? The steering shaft has been cut off short but I have another.

 The last photo is from my photocopy Staver parts book, sorry for the quality. Anyone have an original ? The copy came from Harrah's library years ago. I wonder where the original ended up ? The box I now have is clearly a version of the one Staver used.  Other than the reversed main casting and strange mounting provisions all the parts are the same. The mounts don't seem to be bent, it looks like the odd angles are the way it is supposed to be.


Greg in Canada









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I believe this steering box to be from an Overland as it is similar to the unit on my 1913 Model 69.

Overland used a similar box for several years.


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Hi Bill, that is interesting news ! Any chance you could post a photo of your Overland's steering box ?  I tried to find a decent photo on the web but I can't find anything that gives a good look at an Overland steering box from this time frame. Does your car use a similar box without the strange looking mounting arms or one with the arms ? It's hard to picture how the mounts on my steering box would even be used.



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