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Got the hots for a 33 Chevy 3-window Coupe


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After seeing one for sale in Hemmings I'm in Love!! & I've been a Ford products guy most of my 60 yrs! I knew I never wanted a "rattle A" again and having owned my 42 Continental since 1990 I knew no more flatheads! either in the 8 or 12 configuration.

 I know the 33 Chev 3-window is rare but how rare? Are they so rare that when one comes up one should grab it or wait for the right price or ?. I like the simplicity of the "stovebolt 6"

and the reliability for a tour vehicle. Also I like the body how it flows around the windshield unlike the 34. Anyway appreciate any feedback from anybody who owns one of these beauties! Also any insights on what a fair price might be for one in very nice condition, thank you.

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