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For Sale 1960 Olds Factory A/C Complete System

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I have a complete Factory Air Conditioning system for a 60 Olds for sale. All the major components, compressor and clutch, evaporator, filter, dryer, hot gas by-pass valve, metal tubing, condenser, new heater core have been remanufactured by Calssic Auto Air in Tampa. The blower box has been rebuilt with all new vacuum actuators along with the heater. The system includes all the brackets for the compressor and generator and all pullies and fan,and including all clips, clamps, and mounting hardware. The interior parts include both the heater and A/C controls, the dash air outlets (they need to be rechromed and felted)all the under dash ducts and the heater. If you need a complete factory a/c system all but ready to drop in, send me an email and I will be happy to shoot pictures of the unit and send to you. I will be happy to show you the invoices on the rebuild of the components. Contact, Billdickerson@cox-internet.com or call 337 439 5876

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