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ALL Things 61 Starfire


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I'm restoring two '61 Starfires and have many questions.  Both cars have red interiors.  There are two shades of red, one I would call red and the other a dark red....almost purple.  My painter has identified the red as Garnet Mist which I have seen references to in many places.  The darker red used on the dash end caps and dash metal along windshield, heater box, brake and park brake pedals is more elusive.  The painter can't find it and I can find no reference to this color.  Also, would like to chase down the white paint used in the grooves of the chrome on the console and dash trim.  Help!

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The Oldsmobile colors and trim catalog for 1961 gives the trim code for your interior as  #935.

The same  colors are used for the 98 and super 88. The Starfire is a super 88 with some 98 trim and other trim unique to the Starfire.

The catalog lists the trim for all three as,  instrument panel upper -Dark Red, Lower -Medium red.

Your best bet is to have a local body shop use their computer to color match your paints.

 The paint in the grooves on the console is the "Provincial White"  used on many cars. It has a creamy or yellow tinge depending on age 

 and exposure to sunlight.


Good luck with your projects, Dave


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Castings from my 61 Starfire parts car.  The information I have so far is that the 577478-4 1/8 is correct for 61 and that all full size models for that year used the same block.  Is that correct?  Can anyone identify these other castings as being meaningful.









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