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Liberty Automobile Engine


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I have recently pulled the engine out of my grandfather's 1917 Liberty 10-B automobile for re building. I am trying to find some specifications for this particular engine. There is a 7KA608 on the cylinder jugs. Which I'm assuming is either the casting identification number or the model of this engine.  I have a Dyke's Automobile and Gasoline Engine Encyclopedia. It doesn't show any engine specifications. Is does have a picture of a similar Continental engine and some information on the Liberty. The Web has not been much help. 

Any help would be appreciated. 






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FIRST, a suggestion you edit your heading to read "Liberty AUTO engine", as a lot of readers, like myself, will automatically assume it's concerning the WWI "Liberty" truck engine...

A couple catalogs say the 10B came with the Cont'l 7W, while others say the 7W was in the 10A, the 10B having the 7K solid head (no removable cyl head). I'm unfamiliar with these older engines so'm not sure which from the pix, altho I'd guess 7K headless....

Both are 31/4 x 41/2, both listed by themselves (separately) in a 1930 gasket catalog.

As with all things obsolete Cont'l, try Garrad (Gerry/Jerry) Moon at Montes

garradmoon@montes@flash.net, or montesequipment.com (obsolete Cont'l parts dealers)

P A Ross Machinery in Dallas's been helpful with older Cont'ls---parossmachinery.com (longtime Cont'l dealer)...

Have no actual specs but might be able to find if shares some parts with other Cont'ls; will advise......

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You do seem to've lucked out, in one sense; whether you have the 7K or 7W---a 36 engine parts catalog lists:

Rod and main bearings shared by 7K, 7W and 8W.; same for piston assembly (piston, pin, lock, bushing)

Valves are different therein but valves can be made from blanks.......

While a 1930 McCord gasket catalog implies the 7K may've been unique to the 1917-19 10B Liberty, that catalog lists the 7W in nearly 50 makes, and those listings are never complete (tho sometimes erroneous)....it's possible they're basically the same engine...

The 8W seems to be a bit of a mystery as far as cars/trucks, but may've been primarily industrial, not coveerd by my older stuff...

7W users with likely Clubs to contact re' parts and/or overhaul advice include Auburn, Elcar, Jordan, Moon, Overland and velie...


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If you're eventually reduced to contacting the profe$$ional obsolete parts dealers for parts, there's a fair list on justoldtrucks in their Vendors & Restoration Services section; engine parts are way down on the page

If you start down that list let me know; I may be able to add a couple more...

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Looks like a 7R. I have a 1916 7w. Trying to find a starter for it. Can you give me the make and model of the starter on your 7R engine?  A picture would be great. The mounting pattern looks exactly the same. I am trying to get the car running for a future wedding. I only need the starter.

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