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Well, aside from adding the "mystery Buick" purchased in the fall that a few folks here are aware of that I haven't gotten around to posting about yet, our garage changed a bit today. The Rainier now parks outside all the time again. The Lucerne is no longer in our possession. 



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6 hours ago, 91vert said:

Nice cars.

So when do you unveil the " mystery buick " ?



A few minutes ago -


Of course, I also had an interesting conversation this afternoon about an interesting pre-war Buick...sigh...running out of space...again.


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I'd have been tempted on a GS, particularly with the siz speed, but the car wasn't primarily for me. Maybe next time. 


If the GSC roster was updated without me needing to remember to send off an email, that would be grand ;)B)


That does remind me I should touch base with the BCA office...they know about the LeSabre. 


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