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70 olds toronado

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I hate to hear about another Toronado getting parted out for the engine, especially if it's a nice running original car. And especially if its a W34 (70 will have GT badging on hood and a notched dual exhaust rear bumper). Those are just too rare to chop up, and will deliver performance comparable to any 442 except the W30. I know- I have a 69 W-Toro that regularly spanks ass on the 442s in Mid Atlantic Olds Club, and on the occasional errant Mustang that is stupid enough to tangle with something he knows nothing about.<P>Do the Toronado and Oldsmobile worlds a favor- sell the car complete to someone who'll appreciate it, and get yer 455 out of a junker. rolleyes.gif" border="0

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I appreciate your interest.<P>IT is actually wrecked in the front. the front bumper and the drivers side fender are pretty crunched.<P>I wouldn't even part out a rare optioned car, but it seems to be a basic toro with bench seat and not many unusual options.<P>I just talked to a guy in texas that is parting out a 69 442 that was a running/original car. now THAT was crazy!!<P>I would love to own a 70 GT.<P>BTW . . . a local wrecking yard has a complete 66 toro . . . looks like it was driven in. . . . interior looks great, etc. Anyone interested?? I could check on it for you.<P>Tim

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