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Rear Axle Oil Leak

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on our 1928 Buick 114" we have oil leaking along the rear axle main shaft. It overflows though the grease drip and is getting into the hub cap, but not into the brakes. The leak is on the left side only.


I cannot see a felt seal or anything similar in the parts list.


Has anyone else had this problem please?





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I must say, I agree with the advice given.  One of the best things that all my Buicks of that vintage do, is leak oil.


And if it's not getting on the brakes...so much the better!  I wish my rear brakes weren't dripping!


I switch to Penrite Transoil 250w which I read is equivalent to 600w steam oil originally called for in the transmission and rear axle.  So far, my leaks have s l o w e d but I don't expect them to ever be totally gone.

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On our cars we have installed modern neoprene seals. There are many ways oil can leak on these. The original felt seal is installed in what Buick calls a shedder that dumps leakage out a tube inboard of the backing plate.The shedder can leak where it is bolted the the inside of the brake drum, or oil can leak down the axle shaft into the hub. We replace the felt seal with a modern seal. Napa number 23300.

The shedder must be modified to use it by cutting away the inner part that holds the felt in. We do this in a lathe but it could be done by hand.The shedder is spot welded together and needs to be sealed with silicone sealant between the two pieces. Then the new seal can be pressed in with sealant. Be sure to use sealant when installing the shedder to the wheel. The hub bolts should be tightened and restaked at this time also. This will keep oil off your brakes and spokes.

Roger BCA #99

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