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Have some early VW ++ Asbestos ++ Brake Shoes

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In a purchase of a lot of N.O.S. ++ Asbestos ++ Brake Shoes -- there are quite a few early (1950s - 1970s) N.O.S. ++ Asbestos ++  V W  Brake shoes ---

have catalogs and applications......

Price is "stupid" --- want to see them utilized --- in some cases, the shipping may be more than the price of the shoes!!!!! (We'll make it work....)

Call -- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935..... New York......you are welcome.......

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Have NEVER heard from anyone -- are you guys driving them????

I have some Beetle and Kharman Ghia ++ Asbestos ++ brake shoes

And some Volkswagen Bus / Transporter !!! ++ Asbestos ++ brake shoes


It is worth your time to call -- have catalogs -- to look up your application...

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Asbestos is a VERY dirty word in many places now . Some recent Chinese imports into Australia were recently found to have asbestos in the exhaust gaskets - banned immediately. If you privately import ANY car into Australia now you have to prove it has no asbestos in it, or THEY will tear it apart at your cost to check.

jp 26 Rover 9

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Further to jp26 you would be amazed/shocked  at how much it has cost me to have all the ASBESTOS removed from a 1930s ENV Preselector gearbox.  Not as a repair but just so I could bring my own car home after a visit to England & France. There was absolutely noting wrong with the gearbox just that it still had the "correct" friction linings inside it.





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