For Sale: Pre 1925 Buick Transmission

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I didn't know what make or year this transmission was so I posted it in the general discussion forum and was told it's a pre 1925 Buick. That is the info I'm going off of so if I'm wrong I'm sorry and maybe someone can correct me. I'd take $100 for this trans if anyone can use it. I can also ship it through Fastenal if there is one of their stores near you. Call text or email if intersted or need more pictures. 




located 35 miles north of Chicago Illinois 







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The clutch pedal part number 150699 references to 1921-1923 Buick 6 cylinder.   Hugh


So I always have trouble finding the year by the transmission case numbers.  You would think this would be the big clue.  Does anyone know where the cross reference is for these case numbers and the years.   They do not ever seem to match up with the Master parts book in section 4.103  I also have  trouble matching with the cover numbers as well that are in section 4.127.  Brake and clutch pedal part numbers seem to be the big clue.    

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