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Looking for garage/carport/shelter for my 1970 truck

Jack Jones

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Hi all. 


Very new here, thanks for your patience if I say something dumb!


I just inherited a truck (1970 Ford F-100) from my dad, and I'm looking around for some affordable options for keeping it in good condition. I live in the (Rainy!) Northwest, and would like to keep the truck for now. Right now it's outdoors, just covered with a couple of tarps, definitely not ideal.


I have plenty of room on my property, but don't have a garage or anything. So, looking for advice...


  • Would a truck cover be fine, and is there anything I should look out for in materials etc? Seems like the prices range a LOT. 
  • I've seen some affordable carport options, but are they worth it? I'm assuming I'd still want a cover?
  • Also looking at some fabric shelter/garage options by Rhino and Shelter Logic. Might be better than a cover, and would give me some additional storage.


The top of my budget is about $600-700.





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Tarps hold moisture inside.  The damp ground makes it worse.


Some sort of enclosed tent is better, but high winds are a problem to a weak thin pipe frame setup. A carport sounds much better, with it's solid roof material, then maybe close the sides in with tarps?


those trucks can get inner door rot from rain getting in by the glass opening.  Also water going down the vents in front of windshield. They stay wet inside there for a long time in humid climates, so keeping it out of the direct rain is a must.


If the carport is on grass or dirt; lay a new plastic sheet down and cover it with pea stone, or even course sand if that is all you can get. That will keep moisture from the dirt, from attacking the underside of truck.


If the truck sits a long time without using it, be wary of mice nests.  Plug the tailpipe, and maybe even the air cleaner opening, and anywhere they can get in.


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Wow, great—thanks so much for the quick reply F&J. I appreciate your time and advice.


I do like the structural strength of the carport, so that's a good point, and maybe I can work on something a bit more permanent than tarps... I'm just a bit worried that the price is spiralling out of my budget. Fortunately our driveway is already laid with crushed stone, so no problem there with moisture.


I'm going to do some shopping around to see what I can find. Thanks again!

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Thanks Larry, that's good to know! 


UPDATE: I've been talking to my accountant (wife), and after trying to decide between the plastic sheet + some kind of tarp shelter, and doing it properly, laying down some concrete and putting up a carport... the rain isn't letting up, so I'm probably going to go for the more affordable option for now, then figure out a long term solution later.


There are so many reviews sites out there it's hard to make a decision, but I've done a lot of research, and a wee bit of haggling. These guys have offered me a pretty good deal, and ShelterLogic seems to rank pretty well in the lists. I looked into sturdiness and it does good enough for wind loads. I also kind of like the round top style, and the color isn't too much of an eyesore. I'll let you know how I get on. :)








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