Alec burns

Pair of Vintage Antique Model T or Model A Ford Ignition Coils

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I have to burst your bubble...


They are coils, not batteries 


Ford made over 15 million Model Ts!


So, with 4 coils per car this adds up to 60 million coils in production, say another 25 to 30 million more as service parts gives you roughly 90 million coils produced...


Even if they are still in perfect working order you would be lucky to see $10.00 each 


A little research before advertising an item really needs to be done...


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I was asked once by a lady in an antique shop "How do you charge these batteries? " She never could quite understand that they were spark coils.

You could order from Sears and Wards  non scripted coils into the 1960s from their catalogs.

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I apologize everybody. Everywhere I had searched had said they were batteries, and I specialize in vintage lighting and desk fans, not cars. Not wealthy enough to buy and work on classic cars yet.

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