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license plate bracket

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I bought my Reatta last year.  It did not have a front license plate bracket.  Got pulled over by local PD.  So, went on a search for one.  I found one recently on ebay. 


Now, I am trying to figure out how to install it.


I am not sure how those feet are supposed to fit anywhere. 


*If I place the feet below the front valance, as if to mount from below, the top comes up to the upper part of the center grille--and top cannot be mounted...unless wired. 

*If I place the top on trop of the trim, it does not fit flat, and the feet line up with nothing.

*If I place the top just below the trim piece, which seems to work out the best, it may fit, but I don't see how the feet will line up again.


I thought this would be simple.  Can anyone point out where the top of the bracket should be?  It looks like in pictures that folks have mounted them in different locations. 


Thanks for any help!








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hope this helps

The top screws go thru the center of the rub strip.

The bottom brackets go thru the grill and mount to the back side of the aluminum rail that is behind the bumper.

You will find two plastic push in nuts and if your car has never had a front license  plate, there may be two screws still there

front license bkt.jpg

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Here is another sketch with more detail on the support rods and dimension in the event you need replacement rods......the factory parts are tubing....like fuel line flattened on the ends.

I added a front license bkt to a Reatta that had a perfect front bumper strip and I did not want to drill holes in it.

I made 2 "U" brackets for the top (sorry no sketch)

One bolts to each hole at the top of the plastic license bracket with the open part of the "U" pointing up.

With a screwdriver or putty knife, lift the lower edge of the bumper trim and slide the other end of the "U" between the trim and lower facia.

This holds the top in place and the lower brackets support the bottom and keep the top from slipping out.

It is not ideal but if your state demands a front plate this allows you to install one without drilling your bumper strip

license bracket.jpg

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I am not aware of any law that says the front license plate must be in the center (Florida has no front license plate). A less permanent installation that does not require drilling may be found offset.

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