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Parting out my 2 TC's


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One 90, one "91." 90 is white, tan interior, and 91 is red, tan interior. Have hardtops for both. I was selling these earlier but when no one would offer even $2,000 for then both (a real shame, given how well the white one drove. I really kept up the mechanics) I just proceeded to drive it daily as I have for the past 2 years. Too late now, nature took its course and a buck jumped out at the passenger side fender. Still drives, but now windshield has a crack in the bottom passenger side, Fender, front bumper, and hood are all quite banged up, and lost a headlamp assembly.


I'm going to rip the more desirable pieces off these cars to hold on to or sell and scrap the rest, but figured I'd give folks here one last chance to have at pieces or the lot as a whole. I'll do $1,000 on the 2 cars. Between them, there is enough good trim and panels for a complete car, just needs paint to match. Red one has no transmission. There are 3 headlights between the 2 cars.


Both are located in Northern VA. I'm getting an El Camino Saturday, so after that I'll be looking to get rid of the TCs ASAP.


I'll miss the car, always liked my old LeBaron more though.

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