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In honor of this very cool 32 Franklin coupe that Mike West is selling we need to start a thread for Classic Era Franklin. 


Somebody needs to step up and buy this.   I don't want to hear any complaining that it is expensive getting a CCCA car as Mike only wants 15k for this.







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18 hours ago, jeff_a said:

Nice Franklin. Dual sidemounts and a rear spare? Must be a business coupe for someone in west Texas.

Jeff I installed he front sidemount fenders and sidemount arms as the original fenders are banged up I have the folding trunk rack for the rear after removing the rear mount casting.

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That makes sense. I read that some Model A Fords were sold to salesmen in west Texas, who needed that many spares to get to El Paso and back. Lots of puncture vine on the roads, I guess, though not a huge # of salesmen hitting the road in '32 Franklin Coupes.



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A nice looking 32 Airman.




Franklin manufactured air-cooled engine cars in Syracuse, NY from 1902 - 1934, creating approximately 150,000 cars in that time frame.
They were competing with other luxury cars such as Cadillac, Packard, Pierce Arrow, etc. They only made 1,820 cars, of all models, in 1932!
This is a very low mileage car and the reportedly original upholstery is still in excellent shape!  No stains! (I was told it is original, and it matches the pattern in my original sales literature)
The car was disassembled when I bought it in May 2014. 
From May 2014 through May 2015 I had the body and fenders restored and painted, and
I reassembled the car.
I refinished all the interior wood trim, restored the hydraulic brake system, updated all of the chrome and installed five new tires.
It is converted to a 12 volt system and an Air Conditioning system is installed!
I showed the car at the Million-Air lease company's "Wings and Wheels" show at Dallas Addison airport in May 2015 and was awarded "Best Domestic Car" trophy from among 50+ domestic and custom show vehicles. 
In July 2017 I updated the engine with new Egge pistons, re-seated the valves and validated the connecting rod clearances.
The car looks beautiful and runs well - it is ready for a new owner.


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Mike has his Dietrich on eBay.  Somebody gonna step up?




Im selling my 1930 Franklin Dietrich Speedster. This car came from a garage in Georgia where it has been many decades. The car was owned my a long time H H Franklin club member. I bought the car because it is a original custom bodied car by Ray Dietrich Inc. Detroit, Mich. The car is very complete, starts  runs and yard drives. When I bought in 3 years ago I pulled the oil pan down ,checked the bearings and cleaned the lower end. I was amazed how clean it already was and how good the bearings looked. With new oil , battery and a set of points/plugs the car started right up! It runs very good with no bad noises or smoke. I also rebuilt the Stromberg U-3 and fuel pump.

The car is a very handsome closed 4 passenger , close coupled sedan. Its Dietrich body # is 1633 and job # 4629. Franklin supplied the running gear with fenders and a cowl, and Dietrich did the rest. In the pictures the bumpers weren't on the car but I have everything needed to restore the car. This includes the correct taillight, headlights, running board light, rear window chrome trim, windshield frame, air cleaner, correct popout ignition/coil switch, crank hole cover, hand crank, jack and handle, hub caps, door handles,  gauges and more. I have collected Franklins 40 years (Yes 40) and never intended to sell THIS car when I bought it. I was injured badly 15 months ago and am not going to be able to fix the car.

Overview- A good original , running, complete car that needs a complete restoration except the motor. The wood sills in the body are solid, as well most of the body. Around the rear window and in the rood is going to need repairs. The body is aluminum skinned and is in excellent condition. There isn't a single hole or dent in the body . The fenders are solid but need dents hammered out of them. They are rock solid! The splash aprons and the back body tub are straight and corrosion free. I have the original owners / shop manual. Come and inspect the car and it can be driven onto the trailer . The car has had the wheels bead blasted , painted and new tires, tubes and flaps installed.

The car is going to be sold now but can sit here in my shop for a few months if you need time to make room. Mike with any questions 5 8 5 7 3 8 1 5 4 1

I have much information and can answer any questions you might have. PS This car has never been back to Syracuse since new and would be a hit at the Franklin show in Cazenovia NY this summer as a Survivor Car! I can arrange reasonable shipping anywhere with a trusted friend/ shipper.

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Ive LOWERED the RESERVE to $16,500 . Im not going any lower. Ive posted some more pictures tonight , take a look. The car starts and runs good , yard drives and is very complete. It can sit here in my heated building for a few months if the buyer needs time to make room. Im selling because since my accident last Sept ,I will not be able to fix the car. Im hoping a someone who wants a very smart looking and fast classic car will get it.

franklin speedster.jpg

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Yes its the same body , Mine had the 100 HP motor and this 29 has a 68 HP motor. This looks like a great car!  Mine is going to the mid west. Im going to sell a super rare 1933 16B Franklin sedan . Will be listing next week . This is an original running driving car, perfect wood, good original interior., ride control, supercharged, wire wheels ,and more . Ive priced it to sell.... Im enjoying the room Im making in my building. Mike


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On 3/4/2018 at 4:00 PM, mikewest said:

100 HP unless modified.



How much bump can you get and how easy is it?  Are the rods steel or aluminium from the factory?  Duesenberg, Stutz, etc used duralite rods which don't react well to time, revs, or just looking at them.

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Rods I believe are Lyonite.  


Yes, you can play with HP on a Franklin (ex. domed pistons), but ....  


A couple cars in the Club had performance to match our 1930.  I attribute such in that particular car to its  having experimental heads on it - I believe the difference was larger valving (anyway, people always said - oh, I have never seen anything like this before).  And, helped to have the valves at a "healthy" clearance, but also perhaps resulted in more a clackity valve train than most people would have liked.  The car also had original exhaust (at about 4K miles when we bought it - spent its life hiding in garage) and everyone was quick to notice that it had a larger diameter tailpipe on it verses what was on standard Franklins that seem a bit choked up - which I believe allowed it to breath better (almost same diameter in to same diameter out).


Franklins are really good cars !

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