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First True Unibody question...

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On 2/6/2017 at 0:34 PM, 28 Chrysler said:

These may be considered uni-body.  


I saw this car in vintage journals but since there is no body, only a motorized wooden board so doubt it can be considered unitized.

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I was running across excerpts stating that the 1933-1936 Lancia Augusta was the first true unibody built car.  But upon further investigation and looking at photographs, this is just another "unitized" or "unit-body and frame" construction with welded on frame members under the car like the Airflow and Zephyr.  It still leaves the Citroen as an or the earliest contender for modern semi-unibody (semi meaning it has a subframe for the engine)?  And wonder if Rambler would be the first true fully unitized body car with full cage with roof?   Any more input on this question?  Thanks!




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