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SE Spring Meet, hosted by Hornets Nest Region, April 6-9

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The Hornets Nest Region will host the SE Spring Meet at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Autofair, April 6-9.

Vehicle and Judges registration deadline is March 14.

Judges school is Friday, April 7, at 2 p.m. in the Media Center, Speedway infield.

Meet is Saturday, April 8. Show field is in front of the Speedway.

7:30 a.m. for Judges breakfast in large tent on show field.

All registered vehicle owners and judges will receive Autofair tickets.

For more information see the brochure under Meet Registration at AACA.org.

Stop by the HNR booth at the Annual Meeting in Philly....

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Don't doubt it...

Some of the chain hotels have convoluted reservation arrangements. I did tell them I was the meet chair; but in turn, she told me there was no block of rooms left but there were rooms available. It always pays to ask the same question about "rooms for the AACA meet" in several different ways....


BTW, stop by the show field tent when you arrive and say Hi.

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Well after all the searching for a hotel, we just found out we can't go now ?   That is the weekend of our son's senior prom (we thought it was later in the month) so family comes first.  Guess we will now plan on the WV meet in May



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I finally just finalized my travel arrangements and companion for the event. I have printed out and am sending the registration today. (Last minute, I apologize) My problem is the snowstorm here at the moment. If the mailman does not arrive today it will have to go out tomorrow as travelling is unlikely today. Will that be a problem if it is one day late? I am really looking forward to this event, and am happy I could talk a friend into going with me from NY. I have a room booked at the host hotel. At least I did that in advance! Thanks for any response in advance.


Philip Roitman

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Forecast looks good: cool and sunny, best conditions on our show field.

If you are coming to judge/show/or both, do yourself a favor: read and follow the directions. Enter from off of Morehead. Do not use the front entrance of the Speedway, please. ?


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Getting ready to plan my trip up in the morning and I just noticed that the meet brochure does not seem to list a Member's Roundtable. Is there going to be a Roundtable at Charlotte? 

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Looks like it was a beautiful day!!  Thanks for the photos @Robert Street!!  A tough class for sure - what award did you win?! :) 


Here's what my husband and I did yesterday.  We have been raising money for St Baldrick's for nine years now and each year, my husband shaves his head in solidarity :) 



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What a great meet!  Annie, sorry we didn't see you this time.   Really big thanks for all of the Hornets Nest Region folks for hosting another great event.  The swap meet continues to amaze - it's a real treasure hunt out there!   This has got to be the friendliest meet in the country, and whoever brought on the warm sunny show-day needs a bonus this year for sure.   Robert, it was great to have dinner with you at the Speedway Club Friday evening and I hope you'll join out traditional Tidewater Region get-together. There were some amazing cars on the show-field that were being shown for the first time.  I met first time judges, new members and old friends and that's what makes an AACA event such a great time.  When does registration open for next year?


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Another fine show with cold and wind on Friday in the Flea Market and on Saturday the weather was perfect for the judging and show participants.  More cars than last year and the judges had a big job.  We did the Flea Market on Friday and came back for the Saturday Show.  No disappointments!

An observation from a non registered participant (Spectator):  After seeing the car corral and Flea Market on Saturday with plenty of late model finished and modified cars for sale along with parts and accessories, we bought only lunch.  The infield was full of people and we saw a lot of what was offered a year ago, with many folks with wagons and shopping carts full of purchases. We recall all the years when we were doing one car or another and we too would carry a load of treasured finds out any way we could.  Now we saw mostly speed equipment and parts for newer cars than we own and restored.  I would  guess it was our last big flea market trip other than maybe Hershey.

On Saturday we saw a spectacular show, however it was mostly post WWII vehicles.  A couple of model T's & A's and a few brass cars and a very small selection of depression era cars.  Some really over the top better than perfect trailer queens, some HPOF car and some Diver Participation Class cars of various ages, and a lot of 60's, 70's and 80's cars.

What struck me as odd was that the hoards of people coming into the Lowe's Motor Speedway walked right past the free display of all these beautiful cars to pay $11.00 to see a bunch of parts surrounded by a car corral in the Speedway infield.

I felt like we were enjoying a private showing of fine cars accompanied only by their owners or the professional who restored them.  On the other hand we met some fine Younger folks proudly displaying their restorations.  The show was by far the best part, except for seeing old friends.

I guess we'll stick with the touring part of this hobby, where we get to use these fabulous old cars for what they were made for. 

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The usual car restoration parts are mostly out side along the speedway back stretch. The infield is typically the "midway commercial venders field". But a good walk to do both!!  I never attempted the outside this year as no non needed parts.  

Nice job Hornets Region. Loved it all. 


a class 36B participant

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Guest Mark McAlpine

Kudos to the Hornets Nest Region for another great meet!  As usual, it was well organized, had a diverse selection of beautiful cars, and--most importantly--was fun.  We enjoyed dinner with friends from our region and elsewhere in the Speedway Club on Friday night, judged on Saturday, met some new people, and even managed to find time to wander the swap meet.  It was a great weekend.


Annie & Joel:  I'm sorry we missed you.  Thanks again for sending me the photos from the Ocala Meet to use in our region's newsletter.
































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Thanks to everyone who helped make it a great meet!

Thanks to the 40 plus HNR members serving on the five teams that worked the show.

Thanks to the judges and owners. Impossible to hold a meet without you.

Thanks to Tom Cox and the National Board for their support.

Thanks to Mel, Dave, John and Wayne who pulled me out of the proverbial ditch more than once.

The meet, cruise-in and Autofair had excellent attendance.

We try to improve each year. The biggest thing this year was to move the tent to expand judges parking and the approach to the show field.

Tomorrow night our board will evaluate and start planning next year. I've got two pages of notes...

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On 4/2/2017 at 8:16 PM, AnniesSS said:

Have fun this weekend everyone!! Please post photos for those of us who can't make it :) 

Hi, I just posted almost 200 pictures on the AACA Face Book page. It is a lot easier. Thanks to all involved in for a great meet and good weather. Fri night having dinner at the Speedway Club was a bonus!







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