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1908-10 Pope Hartford?

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Craig, great eye!!! The spring shackle cover is distinctive. Did 1909 P-H have a similar cover? Very hard to find photos of the S model. Were the sidelights square in1908 or bale handled?


The horn was identified as a National siren on another web site. Do you know anything about that?


You can see that the photo was taken in cold weather, people in heavy coats and blankets draped over the steering wheel. The lady in the photo was known to be wealthy, so I am surprised that they didn't add a windshield for the cold weather.


Staten Island isn't far from Connecticut, so it is logical and feasible for the cars to be available to Staten Island customers. The photo was marked c. 1910.


thanks again for your help,


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Did 1909 P-H have a similar cover?

Not from the photos I've looked at, they have a more rectangular cover. The 1907 cars appeared to have the same cover, but the front guards and cowl are different. I'm not sure about the side lights.


I can't help you with details about the National siren, and I actually haven't heard of one until now. I can tell you the speedometer is an early Warner Auto-Meter.

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