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Casting 1920’s Buick “Standard” Door handles

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Larry DiBarry and I are preparing to have a production run made to cast Buick “Standard” Door Handles and Escutcheons for our 1925 Standards.  Correct pieces are currently not available.    www.vintageandclassicreproductions.com makes a close reproduction handle (BUI-003), but the Escutcheon is slightly different.  The foundry we choose will make correct parts with one of Larry’s handles as a pattern, but the minimum order is usually 16.  We are considering 2 other casting firms as well, and the more people that we have to share the cost of the mold, the cheaper the pieces will be.  Not positive yet if these will be polished stainless or silicone bronze that can be nickel plated.  Note that these are also correct for the earlier Buick 6.  Buick Master Handles are similar, but larger.  Please let me know if you are interested.    


Door handle 1925 standard.JPG

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Is anyone aware if someone else has cast these door handles in the past?  Would be great to know if there is a mold out there somewhere.  These would be for 1921 thru 1925. The handles would work for later Buicks as well, but there is a slight difference in the Escutcheon on the later models. 


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After 3 weeks and no other responses I am assuming that there is no interest in getting more people on board for these handles.

 Hugh and I thought we would try a foundry in Maine since they already had seen what we wanted. They have my originals for both the 1925 Standard and 1925 Master for bidding process. If we are not using this foundry then I would like for them to send my originals back. The more pieces cast would bring the cost down as the cost of the mold is the greatest expense. Unfortunately he only does these in silicon bronze so there is still the plating expense. Now we are still looking at other options. There are a few that will do stainless but they have not gotten back to us.

One reason we considered them is that they also have the molds for the floor board thimble and the spark and throttle gears.The problem is that the original owner of the mold has not responded for permission of use. That would make the cost much more reasonable. Otherwise he can make a new mold which to us was much too expensive.

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   I don't have a 1920's Buick, so I won't need any of these handles. But, I do have a casting project in mind, and I see that you are using a foundry in Maine. Since I live in Maine, could you tell me the name and location of the foundry? As soon as the snow melts, I'd like to contact them about my project.





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 The Foundry we are consulting is ... Hildebran Designs, Inc.

                                                           386 Center Conway Road

                                                           Brownfield, Maine 04010

                                                           Phone: 207-935-3729

                                                        Web: www.hildebrandesigns.com

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On 2/17/2017 at 2:46 PM, tonybuick said:

hi all they must have used different Escutcheon over here and Australia as the ones listed are the same as my car and others that we have in new Zealand I wonder what else was different


     This is an old note, but I just noticed that it was not answered.

1921 to 1925 Handle on the left.  1926/27 handle on the right.  Notice that the earlier handle has a more scalloped escutcheon.  The 26/27 escutcheon is basically an oval and much smoother.  The handle assemblies are interchangeable, so a later model may have been used on your car or like you said, they did things different in Australia.  These original handles are potmetal and many did not survive.    Hugh


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    Congratulations on your purchase.  Please start a new post and include pictures of your car.  We on the forum are here to help. 

All of the door handle sets have been cast. 

I have 3 door handle options for you.

1) The Hildebran address is above.  They would need one of your door handles for a pattern.  If you have no handles for a pattern,   Larry and I can help you out.  I have a rough cost of what they will charge as well for a run of 4 handles.  These are bronze handles that will need to be plated.

2) Vintage and classic reproductions (thru Myers Early Dodge) sells the later door handles in Stainless Steel.


3) I have 1 extra set of brass/bronze raw casting door handles and escutcheons that I ultimately will not need, but I am not giving them up until after my door handles are completed.   Hopefully some time next year.


I will keep your name on a list and perhaps others want to join in and make another run of handles too.     Hugh

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Hugh,   Thank you for this reply.  I may wait to see how yours works out since I am certainly not in need right away. I do not have any handles.  I remember my friend who owned this car before me telling me that someone broke into his barn and stole the headlights, radiator cap and door handles.  I purchased the car from his grandson since he passed away recently before I had a chance to buy it from him.




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Hi there .

 i was reading about the Door handles Larry and Hugh were making on the Foundry in Maine back in 2017 . 

can i still get a set purchased from anyone that have an extra set ..or i need to get them made.? for my 1924 open car

part # 184591




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     Door handles are the last thing that you need at the moment IMO.  The nice thing about an open car is that you can easily use the inner door handle.  I am still doing that since I have not moved on to cleaning up the raw cast handles yet. 


I  have:

1) 3 original older handles that could be replated or used for a survivor car.   I would like to find a 4th.  At least between Larry and I , we have original handles that can be used for a mold pattern.  These are pot metal and making new handles is really the way to go.  

2) 3 close looking generic handles.  Not correct for judging, but will function.  I will sell these if you or Mark are interested.

3) I have 4 extra handles and escutcheons from the casting run, that I may or may not part with.   Mark has 1st dibs on these if I decide to sell them. 

4) Vintage and classic reproductions (thru Myers Early Dodge) sells the "later" door handles in Stainless Steel.  Not correct for your car, but will work for your car.



Since you have time, I think you and I and Mark should keep in touch and consider another run of handles.  If we do this again, I would use Hildebran.  Their quality is light years better, and then there will be a pattern for others to use in the future.  The pattern making is what adds to the cost.   With time, we should have others and that should bring the cost down.  


If you are out looking for parts, this is what the handles look like.  




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As Hugh has posted my handle sketch I checked to see if it was the same for the 1924 6 cyl. It does appear that it should be. The 1925 has a more finished inside handle than the 1924 and our 1925 Standards. These outside handles are longer and have a threaded and splined end .

DSCF5731.thumb.JPG.1b5626b10a791e2a02a3509dee0a0555.JPG The top handle is an original and the bottom is a SS repro.

I bought that one from a fellow at Hershey who was to have taken over a business reproducing handles in Stainless. This was his only sample on display. That was 2 years ago and it does not seem as if he has gotten started yet.


Photo of the 1924 near me.  The vertical inside handles are for your car.


DSCF5665.thumb.JPG.921672a2b2e9b8b96e694fc0d3e092d2.JPG My 1925 Master.


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Vintage and classic reproductions possibly has your handles if your car is a 1927 Standard.  These look correct, but I do not know if the dimensions match original.  Their price is on the website.  $125 AUD which is $85 USD.  Contact Myers Early Dodge as they are the US rep.  




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