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I recently had an oil leak from the 5 speed gearbox on my 16 valve TC. The main output shaft seal on the passenger side was allowing oil to leak past it. Rock Auto list both a National part #2003N (equivalent to Timken #2003N) and 

SKF part#15750 as replacements. NEITHER IS CORRECT. The National 2003N will fit into the transmission housing but it is made to fit a 1.417 inch diameter shaft while the output shafts on the Getrag 284 are 1.375 inch diameter.

Needless to say it does not keep 5W30 oil inside the transmission. Ask me how I know!

The SKF #15750 will not fit into the transmission housing as it is too large in both O.D. and I.D

The correct seal is SKF # 13750. This may simply be a typo error as the SKF part numbers represent the shaft size that they fit--i.e. 1.575 and 1.375 inches respectively.

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