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Fender Skirt Rubber Gasket

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Has anyone used the wheel shield pad sold by Steele Rubber Products, #40-0279-44. This is for the early Chrysler products 1935-1937. See photo below for reference. I'm not quite sure weather to put it on the fender skirt or the wheel well first. It does fit the skirt like I thought it would. Any suggestions? Thanks and God Bless, Selmerfinderskirtrubber.jpg

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It's currently upside down. The flap on the left of the photo goes over the inner flange of the skirt which allows the rubber to lie in the channel. I believe that it gets glued in place.  I have it for my '36 skirts and while a little small, it will work OK. It's really not a seal but a buffer between the fender and skirt.

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