Pre-Formed Brake Lines

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I second the use of Cunifer (Nicop, copper/nickle/etc). It lasts forever. Just  ask Volvo! I am tired of replacing steel brake lines for the second time. Yes, I live in the rusty east. Our lines do not last 50 years.I have replaced some as early as 12 years.


SUR&R makes Cunifer rolls and fitting kits.


I also second the use of that Mastercool hydraulic crimper. But, the simple bar type works good with Cunifer also.


Cunifer is easy to hand bend. No cans to bend around? Use large sockets.


Yes, some OEM bends are really tight. I've used sockets, and I've put the bending tool arm between the fitting and the flare to make it short.


Also, buy stainless steel armor, that spring looking stuff on lots of GM brake lines. Summit racing carries it. Calls it Classic tube brake line guard. So does Brakequip. It makes your lines look OEM.

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I took all of your advice into consideration and purchased a complete preformed set of OEM brake lines from a vendor that was recommended before.  I thought it might be fun to do it all myself, but buying the tubing and the necessary tools and fittings was not something I thought I could do in a timely manner.  I have limited time for working on this old Buick, so I took the lazy way out.


I was excited when I got the notification that they had been delivered.  Four days delivery wasn't bad at all.  I was surprised when I saw the box, though. It wasn't nearly long enough for the brake line that runs from front to back.  My first thought was that perhaps they sent it in sections and I would have to make the connections to form a longer straight line.  When I opened the box I discovered they had bent the lines to fit inside the box.  I really wasn't expecting that.  Now they expect me to straighten them out.  At least they gave me instructions on how to do it.  Except some of the tags had fallen off.  I guess I'll figure it out when I get the old lines off.

New Brake Lines Out of the Box.JPG

New Brake Lines Straighten Sticker.JPG

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I have already taken two small lines off and compared them to the new lines.  I am very pleased with the match.  The top one is the short line that runs from the distribution block to the left front wheel.  Notice the protection 'spring' on the new one exactly matches the old one.  The bottom one is the line from the master cylinder to the distribution block.  I'm excited that they look so closely alike.  I'll send other comparisons when I get the old lines off.

New Brake Lines Comparison.JPG

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