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1926 - 1927 Master 6 Headlights

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I have a set of 1926 - 1927 Buick Master 6 headlights leftover from a 1926 Master 6 I had a few years back.

The rims have been nicely chromed, but are not the correct nickel finish.

The buckets do not have any dents, but they do have significant stress cracks. One bucket is missing the adjusting screw in the back.

The mirrors are OK, but should be re-silvered. Both bulb sockets are missing.

No lenses.


They're listed on EBay Item # 122313436004


Mr Earl,

I hope you'll excuse this ad. While I've been lurking around this forum for years, I rarely ever post.

As for a brief introduction, while I currently don't have any Buicks, I have had a 1923, 1926, 1940, 1954, 1955, and 1956.

The 1956 Roadmaster was my first car.

The 1940 Special was an excellent all original car, last known to reside with a collector in upstate NY.

The 1923 Model 45 I owned can be seen briefly in the Cadillac "Garages" TV commercial, it now resides in Los Angeles.

And somewhere out there I hope my 1955 Special is still being cared for. It's probably the only one built that was 2-tone Blue & White exterior, and Red and Black interior. For some strange reason it was ordered that way.

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and the '54? :)

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The 1954 Special 2-door sedan was a learning experience. It had a manual transmission that was bad. I looked and looked for a replacement (this was back before the internet). I finally gave up and sold the car at a loss. The next month I found a transmission...


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