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Mid 1920s Essex

57 Eldo Seville

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Here's an on-line article about a fellow who managed to find the '27 he'd sold years earlier.  Good shots of the car (a coach, just like the one in your picture).  And there's a brief history of the Essex marque.


"Any information" is a tall order.  Do you have specific questions?


If you are looking for detailed information that no one can answer, you could post your questions over at the Hudson club's forum, at http://forum.hetclub.org/

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I only knew the car was in a friend's garage, never looked at it seriously. It is a 1926  2 door with 3,000 miles on it. It was shipped to Alaska in 1926 and sat in the back of a hardware store most of its life. It is between Rochester and Buffalo, New York.009001.jpg008001.jpg007001.jpg




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There is a good chance it was the 67th historic vehicle licensed in Alaska. I sure don't need another car, but my friends priorities have shifted enough to make me think of buying it to preserve the story and history.


Some of the details of the story sound like a 1950's situation comedy. Something like Ricky Ricardo and Fred Mertz being talked into making big money selling cars in Alaska and finding out there weren't any roads and the town was full of dog sleds. Maybe I could trailer it up to the Tug Hill Plateau and get my son to make the video. I hear a good TV show goes for $50,000. Even better, we could make a video of us making the video trying to make 50K up in Adam's Center.


I'll be Fred.


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