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Trivago is the “middle man” website. On Trivago you can look up potential check in and check out dates needed and that website will look into multiple travel websites at once, in order to get you the lowest possible rate ( It’s actually a really great website to use for travel). So while this low rate was initially advertised on Trivago, once you click the link, you are ultimately re-directed to the CancelOn.com website that Trivago found the rate on. CancelOn.com is a site for resellers of rooms. Another words, if you have a non-refundable room you can use this service to try and sell your rooms. Naturally, if you were able to book a room at this rate it is due to someone's cancellation. I would imagine there are a limited supply of these rooms for those particular dates. Glad you got a deal Dave but not everyone will be able to get that. We got the lowest group rate we could and it includes a lot of free rooms for our meetings seminars, etc. The club still encourages people to use the AACA code as the more rooms we book the more we can defray expenses of rooms for staff and others that we have to comp. See you soon...getting there quicker than is comfortable!!

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