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AACA Antique Automobile Magazines, large pile to get rid of

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I have more then a foot stack of Antique Automobile magazines going from recent to a while ago.  I think the 80's or 90's.  


Looking for someone to pick up very near Atlantic City, NJ. 


Cheap, look at it and tell me what you will pay.  I am tired of tripping over them, but cant put them in recycle.

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Old car-club magazines, though they

may be interesting, have almost no value.

They typically are something you keep and store,

or else give away.


I recently got a set of 1975-up Antique Automobile

magazines (in the old horizontal format) from a friend

who was giving them away.  I didn't want to see him

toss them into the recycling pile.  Now I'll look at them,

and then pass them on to another appreciative home---

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One other quick thought here - if you participate in a car club that puts on a show (does not even have to be an AACA region event) you might consider providing them to organizers to give away.  If 1/4 of them get saved and perused you are promoting the hobby for next to no cost.  There are good nuggets in the old format copies of the Antique Automobile, but the last decade or so is a lot more interesting, I think to the casual reader.  


Heck if you even go to a show regularly you might ask them if they want them.  

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