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1926,1927,1928,etc Dodge brothers DB Parts

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1926 Dodge brothers parts for sale.  Removed drive train, guages, wheels, radiator, etc to make room for a v-8 and suspension.  

I will get a list together, reply in the mean time with your needs and give me a price you are willing to pay.


Thanks for the interest

I have

4 solid metal wheels and tires, and one spit rim wheel and tire.

Guage set as pictured

Entire engine and all the attachments as pictured


I also have the rear end and drive shaft with all the brakes, etc

Front cross member with springs and brakes.


All in unrusted condidtion


Let me know what else you might need







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Do you still have parts?

I am working on a project for my College and we need to obtain the following parts:

Valve Covers (the inspection plates on the side)

A parts carburetor

Basically the entire accessory drive (water pump, front gear and its housing and shaft, coil, mechanical advance and its shaft, etc.)

Fan assembly

Vacuum fuel system

Some other miscellaneous items from/for the engine


Do you still have any/all of this stuff?

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On 6/27/2020 at 6:15 AM, Moonbeam said:

any 26 dodge parts left?

Yes I still have drive shaft and rear end,  a few rims and tires, some spoked wheels,  bell housing and transmission and  misc parts.

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