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(UPDATED) Haulage from PacNW to Bakersfield Swap Meet April 2017 (Completed)

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(UPDATED):  Now headed direct from Mount Vernon WA (I-5, north of Seattle) to Bakersfield.  Have room for one automobile and smaller items.  Reserve space now.  Thanks.

(ORIGINAL POST):  Heading southeast from PacNW to Denver, Los Angeles and then north to the Bakersfield Swap Meet (April 7-8) with enclosed car trailer and diesel rig.  Trailer is extra tall (90") to handle larger/taller loads.  Space available heading south for vehicle and parts and also while returning as far north as Fresno.  Picking up vehicle in Fresno, but will have room for parts (chassis, frames, engines, etc.) on the  return to PacNW.   Let me know if I can be of some assistance.  My cell is 360-661-6060 and my Bakersfield Swap Meet space is Aisle D #21.

GSH head shot.jpg

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Benefits of AACA Membership.

I have a motorcyle and detached sidecar to tranport from Fremont, Ca  to Vancouver Washington. 

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