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Paint, trim codes.......


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I have been looking for a site that has a decoder for the codes on my '53 Olds 98, it seems there is not much info on the web. Could any of you guys help me decode these numbers off the plate on the firewall:<BR>STYLE NO. 53-30620 X<BR>TRIM NO. 59<BR>PAINT NO. 60<BR>TOP BLK<BR>ACC K2-K3-T<BR>Any help would be appreciated in decoding these numbers.

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Reading from my 1953 Trim book:

Trim # 59 is Two Tone Ivory & Black Leather, listed available on "98" Convertibles

Paint # 60 is Polar White

Top= Black, is the color of your convertible top

Style # appears not to be listed in my book.Unless it is 3067-DX which is a "98" Conv. Coupe

If you give me the car serial number, which should be on a plate in the driver's door jamb,

I can decode where the car was built.

The Acc=K2 K3 T is a listing of the accessories installed on your car. I do not have any info on this.

Scott Mich OCA # 3947, BCA # 6619

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Thanks for the help in decoding some of these numbers, I can't find anything on the web about it. That will help me a lot in the restoration. That is a great color combination. Thanks for the information. I will get the serial number and post it soon.

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