Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale (Jan.) Rivieras

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12 hours ago, Devjas said:

Hello to all the Riviera gang members. I want to introduce myself as a first time poster and member to this forum.

I happen to be the person that purchased the  Black 65 Riviera at Barrett Jackson last Friday, docket #971.

My bid of 59K got me this beautiful car. It's as nice as the photos show. I flew down from Canada just to bid on this car and was not going home without it..


Look forward to this forum in the future. Hope this helps everyone with there 65 values in the future.

I really feel that the 63-65 Rivs are the next big thing in the luxury collector car craze.


Hope this answers the curiosity question of the Barrett Riv.....



Yes, Congratulations! It does look like a beautiful Riviera! And as was said, Enjoy the car! 

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        Ccngrats on your purchase!   I know you probably wish it had been bid lower, but for me it's great to see a

non GS 65 bring that kind of coin.   Welcome to the forum!     


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That is one gorgeous 65! Love the black/black combo . You made a good buy - couldn't possibly restore one for that price . Invariably you will find a few things to tweek once you get it but looks like all the major things are in good shape . Enjoy and welcome to the forum. 


ROA 14549

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