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Can you identify these lights?

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Hi to all here,

I have a pair of lights fitted to my "25 Stude EPK that are not original, can anyone please tell me what they are from, as I would like to sell them? 

They measure about 8.5 inches across the face and the same in depth and they have Tiltray" on the bottom of the lens?

It was suggested they might be Chevy?

Thanks for in advance for any help/info.

Regards Roger McDonnell

Brisbane Australia

IMG_0288 (1).jpg



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They don't look like Chevrolet to me, but I never took notice to the  design of 1935 and 1936 Chevrolet headlights.


I would post this question in the General Discussion section, since just about everyone on the AACA forum reads that section where as generally only Chevrolet people view the section of the forum.

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