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Nash Dealership ca. 1949


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Does anyone else get as sick of the fairly recent Chevrolet commercials where they tout the J.D. Power awards to the "Real People, Not Actors" as I do?  Wow, they are practically unwatchable.  And, they seem to come on every commercial break during football games.

Nash copy.jpg

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19 hours ago, wldavis said:

Are these '49's or '50's ?  I can't tell.  The light color one with the license plate -

is that a dealer plate ?  Or ?????

I honestly couldn't say as to these being from model year 1949 vs. 1950.  One supposed difference between the two years is a slightly larger rear view window for 1950.  A little hard to see the rear windows in this photo, but I'm gonna guess that these cars are from the 1950 model year, instead of 1949.

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On 1/19/2017 at 7:22 PM, supersix said:

1950 model. These have enclosed gas caps. The '49 model had an exposed gas cap.


You are correct !

Dad had a 1950 Statesman. The easy way to tell the 3 years apart:

1949 Had an exposed gas cap/filler on the left rear

1950 had a sheetmetal flap over the hidden gas cap/filler

1951 had raised rear fenders, maybe to simulate "Finned look"

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