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Aftermarket Radio Installation


Be sure to checkout  the post by Padgett on page 2.  It is a good solution for installing an aftermarket radio Click here.

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Agree, the opening on a 90-91 is what is called GM "din and a half", it is not tall enough for a double din. I used a single din Clarion (could match black with greenish display) and a Metra adapter. 


The only way I could see to mount a double DIN without excessive force would be in the CD space but would require quite a change in focus from the road to see.


Personally I use external displays and just need a way to connect (aux jack or Bluetooth) though button to answer phone is handy, amp, and speakers. The intelligence I carry with me & fits all cars.


Tow car is getting a bit silly though.


ps have now eliminated almost all (8" tab still uses clamp) clamp mounts in favor of magnetic mounts. Stopped incidents where the device popped out of the clamp on a strong shift.






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On ‎1‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 3:14 PM, wws944 said:

Rear speakers in the 'vert are full range (whizzer cone) 4x10".  Front woofers are 5-1/4".  Seperate tweeters.

By separate tweeters, do you mean there are actually 6 speakers?  I want to replace all speakers...what size tweeters will I need?  I assume they are in the door?

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On 1/6/2017 at 5:04 PM, lancemb said:

Thanks for the tips!  This won't be a daily driver so I'm not worried about getting too deluxe with the stereo.  


I do like the MP3 jack idea, but I really want a new stereo so I can have blue tooth for using my phone hands free.  This can also enable MP3 on some models.

Here is another suggestion that keeps that factory stereo AND adds full Bluetooth convenience.  I installed the iSimple ISFM2351 Integrated Bluetooth Media kit.  This kit connects into the radio via the antenna connection.  When activated, it actually disconnects the power antenna from the radio and pipes in whatever is coming across from the Bluetooth connection. Sound quality is EXCELLENT!  No hiss, no static, just great sound.  The nice thing about this is that it also gives you full hands free cell phone connectivity.  I ran the microphone wire under the dash and up behind the front pillar trim which put it at a perfect location to pick up my voice.  The system also includes a small multifunction button which allows you to answer and hang up the phone.  The bottom also functions to activate Siri functionality (I think it works for the Android equivalent as well).  I installed this unit in my Reatta and my C5 over 3 years with NO issues.  Apple keeps messing with their BT stack and as a result, the auto connect feature of the ISFM2351 (i.e. connection upon detection of paired device) runs from spot on to needing me to force the issue from within my iPhone settings.  The current version of iOS falls in to the middle ground where it typically WILL autoconnect, but may take a  few minutes to do so.  You can set the radio frequency of the unit to ANYTHING you want, so I have mine set to a local station even though I typically prefer streaming from an internet station or listening to my library.


I forgot to mention that you will need an adapter to go between the standard motorola type antenna connector and the "mini" version that GM uses.  I got mine at Best Buy, but you can find them online cheaper.  


FYI, you likely will find that the speakers in your Reatta are shot.  I replaced all of mine with Alpine units that fit perfectly.  I used the Alpine SPS-610 6.5” for the two rear speakers (88/89 BUT I believe that in 90 GM went to 4X6 speakers in the rear) and Alpine SPS-510 5.25” for the front.  I did disconnect the tweeters in the front Alpine units as the GM OEM tweeters are actually quite good and even after all these years, tend to still be rock solid. I ordered these from Crutchfield.  If you go this path, be sure to remove the thick cardboard ring from the perimeter of the old speaker and reattach it to the new one to ensure that the speaker cone is protected. 


If your power antenna is out, Barney Eaton, here on the forum, does a bang-up great rebuild that replaces the failure prone plastic cord with a coated steel one.  I highly recommend!

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