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36 Packard 120 Carb and Fuel Pump Rebuilt-Best way to prime for starting


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I had my fuel pump rebuilt and rebuilt the Carter WDO myself. Installed with new lines and fuel filter. Am not getting any fuel in the line to start. Placed some fuel in the carb, got a sputter but still no fuel coming from the fuel pump into the carb.


Any suggestions are welcome to get my Packard running again.


Thank you.

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First, remove the fuel filler cap and try blowing back through the fuel line to the tank to ensure that there is no blockage, then, 


Disconnect the coil wire to the distributor and spin the engine over, but not too long as to run the starter too long - may be necessary to pause and repeat.

Take fuel line loose at carburetor to ensure that fuel is getting through.


If fuel gets to the carb,but not into it, the float or the needle valve could be stuck, and need to be freed.


Many will add an in-line electric fuel pump, installed on the inner side of the frame rail. This can be used to prime the system on initial startup, especially after long-term storage, and can also be helpful with regard to vapor lock due to modern "corn gas" and high temperatures.


Good luck, and let us know how you make out

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